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For the Multiplatform journalism module, what we’ve been working on in class is what we will actually be handing in. The term has been split between a number of varied points of interest, and making a magazine.

This initial magazine isn’t going to be published or read, unless of course you guys want to as I will be posting it here.

Yesterday after our M42MC exam prep we spent the entire day focused on pulling together our magazine.

We had all written pieces, and we thought it would be enough to fill the 24 pages, but we hadn’t. Part of this was my fault I failed to write a winter piece but we still had some blank pages. At 17.45 we collectively agreed that realistically we had taken as much learning out of this magazine as we could. What is important is how we act on this now. Today I am going to re-write and re-establish roles in the team stating specifically what each person does and when it should be done by etc.

If this is done then we can start working straight away and prioritising certain stories. This should make the whole process a bit smoother. I will upload these job specifications later.


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