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This week’s work made last week’s extra curricular visit to the courts with Simon obselete.

We were told to become court reporters. When you attend a court with ten other people the courts get suspicious so unfortunately we were unable to take notes.

To overcome this I managed to remember little bits of one story and run out of the court at the end of that bail hearing to note down what I remembered.

Upon my return we were told to write a voicer for a radio news bulletin.

I have changed some details to avoid getting in trouble with libel or contempt of court but here is the story.


… a woman from Coventry who crashed a car while being chased by the police has admitted stealing the vehicle.

Huw Hopkins reports…


Judy Crebb, twenty, of thirty seven Ballsgrove Avenue has admitted aggravated car theft.

She was denied bail at Coventry Crown Court. Her step father was present to give support but did not speak.

Judy Crebb also denied a charge of burglary and will have to be tried at a later date.



Once we came back and reviewed our work we needed to look at contempt of court. More can be found in McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists but some important notes I made were;

Once someone is arrested the case is active and you can be in substantial risk of harming proceedings once the case is active.

Strict Liability is important. If you didn’t know the case is active, that doesn’t matter it is your responsibility as a journalist to have found this out.

When you’re in court you’re allowed to report anything spoken. If the jury is sent out you are not. You are also not allowed to talk to the jury about the case at all.

In court reporting there are 10 points (or commandments) you must follow.

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