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This is Bogut's second appearance in the Top 50 list

Number 49 on the Top 50 NBA player list is an Aussie called Andrew Bogut. Bogut is presented as a should-be hero by his profiler Todd Spehr, for the same reasons that other international players are.

By glancing at the previous blog entry, you may notice that the spotlight focuses on an athlete who was not born in the United States of America. Luol Deng has become popular in his split homes of Britain and Sudan. Without doubt the same has happened for fans of basketball in Australia with Bogut but not to the same extent but Spehr references other NBA players; Dirk Nowitzki and Pau Gasol have become more than just basketball players, they are now considered celebrity in their respective homelands of Germany and Spain.

This is where Spehr’s written profile of Bogut is weak. He writes about Bogut with an overly blaze conversational tone, this tone can be used to great effect but it should still be able understood by someone who has never understood the game of basketball before.

This is one of the negatives of the genre and style that SLAM is famous for. Luckily for its readership it’s rare that this device ever has negative conotations but on rare occasions it can creep into online articles as nbk – a regular commenter mentions “this write up is good but it said nothing about why he is number 49, or even what he does positive on a basketball court”.


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