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Despite following SLAM magazine there are online contributors that do not have big roles in the printed publication, this task will be an interesting exercise in looking more closely at the writers and their techniques.

The basketball player SLAM seem to think played well enough to earn himself the final spot on the “Top 50” list is Luol Deng. Deng is a Sudanese born, British bred, North Carolina taught 26 year-old who plays the small forward position. The gentleman who has the pleasure to review his talent is Bryan Crawford.

Crawford like many SLAM contributors writes in a conversational style narrative. It is a very personal story of how Deng has changed his mind about the player’s talent and worth to his team the Chicago Bulls.

The story of how Deng came into the league, got injured and then earned himself a very lucrative playing contract is all presented in tone that can be seen as a general consensus opinion, but it is obvious that Crawford shares and values this opinion. He then expands the story into how all of the people that shared his opinion has changed and that Deng is now a positive contributor to the team he plays with.

Part of the reason Crawford saw fit that a biography of Deng’s life and career was essential is that this is Deng’s first appearance in the Top 50 list. SLAM are now posting a graph to show each player’s position in previous years and the fact that there are no previous appearances may be a discussion point for fans of the site.

Previous years have shown that the lower end of the Top 50 chart doesn’t matter as much as when the Top 15 is drawing in. When you look at the amount of comments the players receive the comment box will garner interest if a certain player is a surprise entry but discussion tends to surround which player will be on the list later.

Luol Deng (at this time of writing) does receive over 80 comments which is a lot considering he is not considered an elite player (by fan standards) and his high comment rating will probably have more to do that it is the first time he has made the list and also to do with the fact that this is the first Top 50 issue for the 2011 edition.

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